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  • Astrology

    Learn about the key concepts of astrology, for free! Astrology is the knowledge of working with the planets and applying them to real-life issues.

  • Life Coaching

    Sarah Goldsmith Astrology and Life Coaching moulds both practices together to greater an understanding of how you can use astrology to better your life.

  • Consistent Free Content

    All free content from Sarah Goldsmith Astrology and Life Coaching will be added to this course platform. Keep your eye out for free reference sheets, workbooks, and lectures.

Course curriculum

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    Welcome to the Crash Course!

    • Welcome!

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    Course Content

    • Know the Planets Lecture

    • Editable Know the Planets Workbook.

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    Bonus Content

    • The Aspects Cheat Sheet

    • Discussion

    • Podcast Episode: The Aspects of Astrology

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    • KTP25