Get In Tune

Our Premier Astro-Coaching Course

This course is designed to do 3 things. 1) Teach you about the influence of the moon and its phases/cycles. 2) Help you cultivate a regular mindfulness practice to help you maintain balance and clarity in your life. 3) Provide you with tools to carry this new practice throughout the first 12 months and onward.

How it Works

This course has 4 main modules aside from the intro, conclusion, and bonuses. Firstly, a lecture on the moon itself and what each of its 8 phases means. Additionally, in the first module, there is a lecture series on the moon through the signs and what this means in your natal chart and in transit.

Get in Tune Bonus Materials

This course comes with 3 Bonuses to assist you in cultivating a regular mindfulness practice with the moon.

  • 12 Month Workbook

    Each year a new workbook is released outlining the New and Full Moons throughout the year. These workbooks come with prompts to use Sarah's Moon Cycle technique and reflection questions for each phase.

  • Manifestation & Mindfulness Workbook

    Another bonus is a workbook full of prompts to properly work with manifestation and mindfulness. This is an excellent resource to use with the moon cycles. These exercises cover everything from creating a vision, affirmations to daily gratitude.

  • Meditation Catalogue

    Our third bonus is a catalogue of meditations. This includes meditations that are stand-alone as well as meditations in a series of the moon cycles and tailored to their specific energies. These can be downloaded and listened to at any time. They are also added to throughout the year.


Astrology, Life Coach and Mindfulness Instructor

Sarah Goldsmith

Sarah has worked with clients for over 3 years, using Astrology and Life Coaching tools to help them identify areas of transformation and growth.


Any inquiries can be emailed directly to Sarah at, responses can be expected within 24 hours. You can also book a free 15-minute call to discuss if our courses are right for you by scheduling here.